Your Summer Skin Salvation

By Rose Griesgraber

Summer, with it comes a relief from all of winter’s skin problems - and a whole host of new ones. Those of us with dry skin can rejoice, as the skin becomes naturally more moisturized in the summer because of increased humidity. The winter seems like a months long battle against chapped lips and cracking hands for many people. But there are several aspects of the summer weather that can derail the honeymoon you might have envisioned with your skin:

1. Extra Sun

Increased sun exposure can actually wreak havoc on your skin - no matter your complexion. That’s why it’s important to apply sunscreen every day! UV light can rapidly age the skin and cause burns with prolonged exposure, in the long run damaging the skin’s ability to regenerate. UV damage is, of course, linked to skin cancer, but is also associated with the formation of solar comedones later in life. Solar comedones are clogged hair follicles similar to black heads that usually arise after years of sun damage. Avoiding wrinkles, sun spots, and other forms of damage can be greatly aided with some outfit additions as well! Summer is the time to donne your favorite sun hats and glasses - look cool and avoid squinting from the glare - that’s a two for one. In addition to regularly sporting SPF and other shade gear as a preventative method, you should take care to repair any damage as soon as possible. Apply anti aging serums and eye creams at night to combat daytime damage. The eye area is especially sensitive due to the thinness of the skin there and should be treated with care.TLDR: skip the tan and PLEASE wear sunblock!!!

2. Humidity+Temperature = Sweating+Oil

Equals clogged pores. A lot of people report that their acne worsens during the summer, just when it’s becoming the season to show off that beautiful skin. Part of this problem has to do with changes in the weather while the other part is a lack of change in our seasonal skin habits. The rise of temperature and humidity in the summer leads our bodies to produce more sweat and oil. These substances clog our pores and, without adequate cleansing, can lead to the formation of acne. Another problem arises when we continue to use the heavy moisturizers, creams, and salves that aided us through the harsh winter months. While these products were perfect in the past, during the summer it’s better to switch to lighter products or serums rather than creams. Water based products could be especially helpful if you’re someone that faces this problem. In this hot season it can be good to cleanse twice a day - once in the morning to take off any sweat and oil that accumulated through the night and again before bed to wash off the dirt and grime of the warm summer day. Make intense exfoliation less common in your routine during the summer - this may seem counter intuitive at first because of the sweat and oil mentioned earlier, but bear with me. During the winter, exfoliation is key to remove dry skin and prevent flakiness. During the summer, your skin doesn’t need that - it’s actually better to be more sensitive to your skin, especially in light of the elevated sun exposure (pun intended). 



3. Looking for: That Perfect Summer Bod






If you’re in the market for that perfect summer skin look there are a number of other routines and factors you may be considering. For the makeup gurus out there, I know you likely want to be dripping in highlighter 24/7, but maybe go for a mattifying formula in your other products. The summer season will already make you dewy (with sweat) so mattifying your complexion can save you from, eh-hem, over doing the glow. 

Shaving for a beach trip? Avoid razor burn by exfoliating your skin before shaving and moisturizing generously afterwards. 

Finally, like I’ve said in other blogs, stress controls so much of our physical appearance, so one of the best things you can do for your skin and health is to relax. Take some ‘me-time’ and do a fun skin care activity - a DIY face mask, a bubble bath, whatever soothes your nerves and helps you achieve that #unbothered look. 

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