The Latest Trends in Skincare and Why You Should Care

By Lai Wei

The skincare industry is growing fast and rapidly putting out new products. It is important to stay updated on cool trends that you might actually use daily once you discover their possible benefits. Some of these latest findings could blow your mind. 

Using your own DNA in custom skincare products? It’s possible.

Personalization is everywhere now: fashion, luxury goods, hair care… you name it. Each one of us has different skin, so technically there is no true“one-for-all” skincare product. Personalization has become critical in the beauty industry. If you could have products that are tailored just for you and are more efficient, wouldn’t you want that?

Now imagine you could use your own DNA to target skin concerns like dryness or acne. Based on Dr. Barbara Sturm’s work, you could even get a moisturizer that contains your DNA. Similarly, another brand uses a client’s DNA sample, as simple as a cheek swab, and tests it in the lab for skin concerns. Customers will receive a tailored consultation and nutritional supplements later. [1]

3D printed mask and yes, it’s designed just for you

It’s 9pm and you’ve finished showering - you go to put a sheet mask on your face. Somehow, it doesn't perfectly fit your face. Does this sound familiar to you?                                                                              Customization is a key to solving this. According to Allure, new products will allow you to expect a 3D printed mask that aligns perfectly with your face. Moreover, it will be formulated with ingredients that target different concerns on different parts of your face. Now where is the “one-for-all” mask that you’d like to put on?

Acne concerns? Here’s a more efficient way.

If you have acne concerns like me, you may find a lot of products to be either ineffective or drying. “If you can put a smaller amount [of acne-fighting ingredients] into these tiny little cones and apply it to the skin, it's a better, more effective delivery system," said Ava Shamban, a board-certified dermatologist in Beverly Hills.

Is there a way to get rid of acne more effectively? I’d say yes. A product called “micro needle patches” may help you address this properly. So how does it work? A micro needle patch is a band aid-like sticker with spikes thinner than a hair follicle coated in hyaluronic acid. Through these teeny-tiny pricks, the patch drives the active ingredients deeper into your skin.                                                                                                                                                        Know of any exciting skincare trends we missed? Let us know if there’s a topic that you’d like to hear more about by dropping it in the comments here, on any of our social media, or by emailing us - stay tuned for a blog about it! Stay updated with VERI Nano Beauty News by subscribing to us

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This is crazy!! I really need to upgrade my products…

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