Saying Sorry to Your Skin: A Routine for After a Hard Week

 By Rose Griesgraber

Everyone has those crazy stressful weeks, the ones that seem to supply an endless number of problems and headaches. But eventually, the weekend rolls around, and whatever it is that’s been plaguing you - work, school, kids - takes a break. And so should you. But chances are if you’ve had a stressful week, so has your skin. After that long week, here are some ways to say sorry to your skin.

1. Skip the Makeup

If you’re usually a makeup person, consider not applying any for the weekend. A cosmetics cleanse will remove the need to take off your makeup every night (something that I hope you do - never sleep in a full face!). It will also mean less pore blockage.

  2. Exfoliate

This will help remove any built-up    dead skin cells and leave the skin  healthy and smooth. Avoid mechanical exfoliants (like the infamous apricot scrub) because they rip and tear at the skin to remove layers. Leave mechanical exfoliation to the dermatologists who use advanced methods like microdermabrasion. Instead, opt for a chemical exfoliant like products with glycolic or salicylic acid. These chemicals not only help exfoliate but can also help unclog pores and complexion in general. Which brings up the next point.

3. Face Mask

A face mask is a fun and relaxing way to improve your skin overall. A clay or charcoal mask is good for unblocking pores, brightening your complexion, and evening out skin tone. Anything good for the mind is likely also good for the skin. If you want to glow you better lower those cortisol levels, baby!

4. Pore Check and Spot Treatment

On this step, we’re calling in the big guns for the spots that need extra attention. After your wonderfully relaxing general treatment, there may still be a few problem areas. Examine your skin for clogged or inflamed pores and apply a spot treatment - benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid products are recommended as they’re generally effective and not too cost prohibitive.

5. Incorporate Daily Routine

Certain aspects of your daily skin care should be preserved even on a day of pampering. Keep your moisturization, SPF, or whatever else is important to you going.

6. Relaxing Activities

As I said earlier, your stress levels control many aspects of your physical well being which can certainly show on your skin. Take time to do some favorite activities that calm you down and make you happy - read a book, (responsibly) binge some Netflix, etc.

7. Calming Scents 

We all know essential oils won’t fix everything, but sometimes our sense of smell can be a very powerful gateway to relaxation. Try tapping into this by using scents that calm you down. I recommend lavender, but others might enjoy jasmine or chamomile. Splurge on an aromatherapy diffuser that you can put on while taking a bath - that image almost forcibly conjures a calming atmosphere.

8. Go to Bed Early

I get it - weekends are the party days for a lot of people, but good sleep is the foundation for all aspects of a good life. Ample, restful sleep has been linked to lower stress levels - which are key to what again? Oh, right, glowing skin! So consider hitting the hay a little earlier and catching up on the hours you might have lost throughout the week.

Take back control of your skin and offer the good grace both you and it deserve after a long week. Stay updated on all the latest in skin and skincare with VERI Nano by subscribing to us. You wouldn’t wanna miss something that could save your skin ;)


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