Nanotechnologies in Skincare

People think of “nanotechnology” as a complex science concept that does not relate to most of us. Contrary to the notion, nanotechnology is applicable to many aspects of our lives as it can dramatically improve how things work. For instance, nanotechnology can be used to improve what we use everyday: skincare product, which is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries today.

In recent years, scientists around the world have been looking for ways to effectively apply nanotechnology to beauty and skincare products including hair, skin, lips, and nail care. For example, nanotechnology can protect our skin from harmful sunlight and keep it youthful. As a result, nanotechnology such as zinc oxide nanoparticles is used in some sunscreen products. Nanotechnology has also been used to develop hair growth products. Nanoparticles called ethosomes provide nutrients that promote hair growth. There are many examples of how the industry has tried to use nanotechnology for beauty and skincare products since incorporation of the technology has tremendous potential to improve how each product works. However, the progress in skincare has been limited due to the lack of proper nanotechnology for skincare applications.

Here at VERI NANO, our team composed of world-class scientists and entrepreneurs from Harvard and MIT has developed revolutionary solutions to skincare problems using our unique state-of-the-art nanotechnology platform. Our technology allows maximization of benefits while minimizing any unwanted effects. VERI NANO is very committed to be the pioneer of the skincare industry revolution. We are thrilled to invite you to follow our journey in shaping the future of better skincare!

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