Eleganza 2019

By Rose Griesgraber

This past Saturday, VERI Nano finally came out of stealth mode at the 25th annual Harvard Eleganza fashion show. Our company's co-founders all have roots at Harvard and pay homage to the institution’s motto, Veritas, with the name VERI Nano. We were extremely pleased to sponsor the event and join in the fun of the evening.

Eleganza is a student-run charity fashion and dance show with all proceeds going to the Boston Center for Teen Empowerment. We were on the floor with the over 1500 students at the event, giving out free VERI Nano samples and enjoying the music ourselves! We let students try the skin care products we will be launching soon and spoke with them about the origins of our unique technology.

samples of verinano beauty products


VERI Nano was also there to capture some of the night’s most #Elegant looks.


The whole VERI Nano team came out to engage with the Harvard community and hold a little charity giveaway of our own. Attendees got to tell us what social cause they are passionate about - and enter a raffle to have VERI Nano support it. We want to help make philanthropy and social entrepreneurship accessible to all by providing support to individuals who share our passion for a better world.


It was a pleasure, Harvard!

We took a lot of pictures but to see all the photos, please sign up below.


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