Changing Weather Calls for a New Skincare Routine!

Grace Davis

We can always count on the seasons changing, and consequently our skin counts on us to adjust our skincare routine accordingly. As you go to turn on your heater, keep in mind that moisture is being sucked out of the air and our skin. A little “fall cleaning” TLC to your medicine cabinet is beneficial and surprisingly necessary. Something as simple as substituting products to align with the current season can keep your skin in tip top shape and looking great.  

If you’re like me and wear moisturizer year-round, considering to switch out your summer cream for something heavier, but relatively lightweight could be worthwhile as the temperatures change and chill temperatures prepare to cause dry skin. Victoria Hoff states, “You don’t want to do too much too soon—otherwise, what the heck are you going to use in January when there’s a polar vortex going on and Snowpocalypse in the forecast?” If you have dry skin that dreads the colder weather and temperatures, hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture and reduce redness!

SPF to death! I’m guilty of it too, thinking that SPF is something only really used in the summer and then forgetting it’s benefits throughout the rest of the seasons. It’s important to remember that sun protection is a continual ordeal. Hoff explains, “Your only change might be choosing something a bit more lightweight since you’ll be rotating heavier moisturizers and other formulas into your regimen.”

If moisturizer and an eye cream weren’t already a part of your skincare regimen, they should be during the cooler months. Just as you should switch to a somewhat thicker moisturizer, make sure you aren’t forgetting to take care of the skin around your eyes! That delicate skin around your eyes is the first to feel the impact of the changing seasons, which can manifest in puffiness or fine lines. Hoff recommends that “smoothing on a light eye cream or gel before bed should do the trick.”

 The weather is inevitably uncontrollable, but our skin’s well-being is not. Keep in mind the state of your skin and make an effort to switch up your routine as the seasons change. If you are unsure of what will work best for your skin type, always consult with a dermatologist for personalized recommendations.

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