A Happy Marriage: Nanotechnology and Your Well-being

By Jacob Solkoff and Dani Wang


The benefits of nanotechnology are only beginning to be untapped. There are countless uses for the technology ranging from agriculture to skincare to medicine; all of which help improve our own well-being and our environment.

In Health

Nanotechnology is a vital tool for many healthcare procedures that traditionally depended on antibiotics or chemotherapy.

For instance, advancement in nanomedicine has allowed doctors to use nanotechnology to clear clogged arteries and mimic “good” cholesterol. According to the National Nanotechnology Institute, the nanotechnology that facilitates this improvement has fewer side effects and is much less strenuous on one’s immune system.

Scientists have also examined the use of nanotechnology in cancer treatment. Doctors are able to inject patients with a vaccination that would use nanotechnology to fight a cancerous tumor in a patient. According to the National Nanotechnology Initiative, nanotechnology would also be able to drastically reduce the toxic effects of chemotherapy. Again, nanotechnology will be able to provide a much less invasive and dangerous solution in comparison to current procedures.

Researchers in a study led by Georgia State University have also found that using nanotechnology in flu vaccinations is incredibly effective in producing a long lasting immunity.

In Food

Outside of labs, farmers and food providers everywhere are able to put nanotechnology to use to create a more sustainable and efficient future for how we farm our food.

According to Nanowerk, nanotechnology can be deployed in agriculture to deliver hormones to crops, monitor soil conditions, and detect animal or plant pathogens among other applications.

Nanotechnology can also be used in food processing and packaging to make foods healthier for humans to consume.


In Skin Care

As our team has addressed in another blog, nanotechnology has a huge impact on the skin care industry. One of the biggest changes that is visible on an everyday basis is the invisibility of sunscreen.

The reason you used to get so embarrassed about how sunscreen looked on you was because the size of the particles that were used in it are able to reflect ultraviolet light. With nanotechnology, these particles not only reflect ultraviolet light but also absorb visible light to make them invisible, according to The Guardian.

Nanotechnology is also used in skin cream in order to protect against aging and in lotions in order to reach different layers of skin, according to Understanding Nano.




Whether it be stopping you from getting the flu that your co-worker brought into work, lowering your chance of heart disease while you’re eating a burger, or working to moisturize layers of skin previously unreachable, it seems like nanotechnology is its own superhero.

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